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“Tim is professional and courteous. He understands the business issues associated with finding good resources. He is mindful of minimizing the business impact as he works to find talent. Our challenges are fairly typical for a technology company, the skills that we need are quite niche and hard to find. Odyssey managed to find a very qualified candidate, and that person has worked out quite well so far.”

– Executive Vice President,
PLM Integration Software Firm


OPE takes a unique approach. They did not sign me up, take my money, ask for a job description, and then flood my inbox with “close enough” resumes. That has been my experience using other recruiters in the past and it is a total waste of money. Handing me a stack of resumes as homework doesn’t buy me anything.

We first enlisted Odyssey when we were struggling to hire a technical sales person. I had tried searching online for candidates myself, which involved sifting through way too many resumes, and then after paying to download them, finding most did not bother to reply to my inquiry. I was out of time, so I skeptically decided to try using a recruiter again.

With OPE I completed a fast questionnaire and then Tim interviewed me in person. He quickly learned about my business from a commercial and, most importantly, from an “in-the-trenches” perspective. He really did his homework. After a visit to our office I was amazed at how fast he had a deep understanding of our highly technical business, as well as our culture.

Tim provided two very well qualified and extremely hard to choose from candidates. I was provided with their resumes along with Odyssey’s own written assessment. Tim hired for my business as if it were his own.  The result was incredible. I interviewed both candidates and wished I could have hired both. The cost was the same or less than other recruiters I have used, in half the time.

The second time we used OPE we started with their standard assessment. Afterwards Tim told me, respectfully, that he felt I had the wrong role for my company! He asked if he could work outside of the specific margins I had set. I reluctantly agreed. Again, Tim brought me two candidates. One for the role I thought I needed (a stellar option) and one for the role HE thought I needed. As it turns out, Tim knew exactly who and what I needed. I hired that person, for the alternate role, and I am winning as a result.”

– Managing Director,
Global IT & CAM Software Provider

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