We Know the People You Need to Know

The continued mission of Odyssey Pursuit Enterprises is to know each and every candidate in our respective divisions. Whether you’ve excelled as a Network Engineer, Cyber Security Expert, or A Helpdesk Technician, we have Clients who are actively looking for a person to fill their matching position. Our consultants and recruiters work tirelessly to reach out and network with the most talented individuals in their field. Whether we have a position in mind for the candidate, or we have simply identified the individual as a prospective leader in the IT market, we use our unique vetting and networking process to reach out to these individuals.

As a result, our clients are confident in knowing that the candidates that ultimately reach their desk are the absolute best fit for the particular job order – we don’t “pitch” careers to candidate who do not fit the bill or cannot meet the standards of Odyssey Pursuit or our client. As a third party firm, outside of the internal recruiting department of the firm seeking talent, Odyssey Pursuit is able to make the difficult calls directly to people that the IT firm needs. Why do our candidates like to work with us? They know that we have a foot in the door at the top firms they want to work for. Whether you are actively searching for a new career, or you are simply wise enough to keep your ear to the ground for new opportunities, Odyssey Pursuit Enterprises should be your personal representative. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list, or contact us directly to discuss our unique benefits.

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